None Of It Really Matters.


None of it really matters.

We live in a world that creates this idea of things mattering, of us mattering and of our entire lives mattering on some level.

We’ve taken that concept and applied it into all aspects of our lives.

It’s provoked us into believing that even the smallest idiosyncrasies of life should creep inside of our minds, set up shop and raise havoc on our lives. We have become defensive, self involved, entitled and most importantly incredibly numb to the real truth, which is we don’t matter at all.

Our jobs, our families, our friends, our success, our weakness, our good days, our bad days, none of it is anything but something we thought up, put meaning on and kept painting until it became our own personal realities.

And why not, right?

If nothing matters then why not put meaning on things, why not create your own individual reality and embrace your feelings and your ambitions? What else do we really have to do?

Well nothing, we don’t have to do anything.

We could just sit down in a field until we shrivel away. We could also go racing up the mountains trying to prove an imaginary goal or choose to stay on the ground because that mountain scares us.

We can choose to do or not do anything.

So if none of it matters, if the choice that you pick doesn’t change the fact that a choice doesn’t even exist, then what do you choose?

Do you choose to be happy?

Do you choose to embrace rather then pull away?

Do you run after a success to make yourself feel good, or do you try to make others feel good?

Do you put care into your words and actions?

Do you stop and breathe with yourself?

Do you stop and breathe with someone else?

Do you try even if trying doesn’t matter?

Do you give or do you give up?

Do you let go, of all the things you think matter and just choose to walk around this earth, enjoying your moments, remembering that it is incredibly temporary, fading at this very moment and do you just sit with that. Let all the stress go, let all the anxiety, fear, ego, sensitivity, success, and failure go.

Please just let it go.

Feel lighter, feel better, feel happy for all of it. 🙂


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