Fall In Flow


Fall is fully here, and with it has come a need for me to feel more anchored.

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I have a baby that could arrive any moment now and nesting is a big part of the 3rd trimester. Or if it’s something in the crisp Fall air that makes me want to find the footing beneath me, but this need to anchor is real and I feel it not only in my own life but in others as well.

Over the last few months I’ve watched almost all of my closest girl friends and I go through a lot of change and we’ve all come out of it with more perspective, more confidence and a great feeling of release. As I look at myself and them now, I see that we are all ready to start to flow more inward and let our ideas and dreams come into fruition.

Fall is a time to get in flow. To start to create, innovate and find structure around your passions and your family life. In Fall we slow down, move a little more mindfully and we find comfort in feeling the ground under our feet.

So the time is now to find your own flow and let yourself solidify in that flow. Let your awareness have roots and allow those roots to seep into what brings you the most joy.

This is a great time to begin a meditation practice, to start journaling, writing down your thoughts and ideas and taking time to listen to what your body and mind need. It’s also a great time to slow down your yoga practice, taking slower flows that give you more time to feel and stay present.

Whatever it is that you choose to do in this season just make sure that you keep your focus, stay grounded and follow your own internal flow.

Much Love,



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