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The Version Of You That Matters

Elyza and I

We can all get caught up in emotions from time to time.

Sometimes those emotions will fuel and guide our decisions, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst.

Emotional ups and downs are to be expected. No matter how hard we may try to suppress them, they will in time surface.

But it is not our emotions that we should steer clear from, but instead letting them get the best of us. Feeling emotions is a necessity, letting them drive us is not.

Being mindful to why we are feeling an emotion is the key to navigating it towards the best scenario. I’ve met many people whom are very good at handling their emotions and I have met people who are completely unaware of how much their emotions run their lives.

The difference?

People who are emotionally aware can see the big picture, they can step away from themselves or their situation and approach it as an outsider looking in, rather then letting the moment control them.

People who are emotionally unaware react immediately or let their emotions build into even bigger things in their minds until they reach the point of believing something that is completely untrue.

So how do we deal? How do we become better at being aware and how do we handle people who are unaware?

The answer, or at least one answer, is accepting you are not in control of those who are unaware and deciding to consciously work on your awareness.

You are in control of you. How you choose to move forward, how you choose to treat people, how you choose to treat yourself, it’s all your decision. Be extremely aware of that as much as you can.

The version of you that matters is the one who see’s the clearest.

Put yourself in other people shoes, walk a block in them, then make a decision.

Walk a block in your shoes, see the bigger picture, move forward from there.

Stay conscious. Stay considerate. Stay kind.


3 Ways to Embrace Change & Love Yourself this New Year

Astoria Park

As we grow older we evolve and change rapidly.

Some changes are welcome with open arms as others are met with kicking and screaming.

But no matter our reaction, the conclusion is always the same, whether we like it or not things will always continue to change.

And it won’t be the change itself that will impact our lives the most, but how we choose to react to it.

If we can learn to embrace the natural occurrences of change as a constant flux and a continuous flow that can rise and fall, then we can let go of the expectations and enjoy the ride while it is happening instead.

Without this acceptance and freedom to feel what is changing around you and within you, there will be a lack of balance and self love.

When you fully love yourself for who you are and for who you are not, then you can gently float through the waves of emotions that come up with calmness and level-headedness rather then with anger and upset-ment.

Here are 3 ways to embrace change and love yourself in the New Year:

Find Your Own Answers. You might be a heavy reader, a podcast junkie or a documentary buff, all of which will provide you with endless knowledge to what you should eat, how you should live, what kind of education you should follow or how you should set yourself up for retirement. But all of these stories are just someone else’s answers. Don’t be afraid to find your own answers, that’s half the adventure.

Know Your Worth. It is sometimes very difficult for us to have a good relationship with our worth. Often, when our worth is challenged whether in the office or at home we tend to either shutoff and retract or become defensive and react. However, we can avoid these two extremes by becoming more aware of ourselves and connecting with what we want, where we are and who we are on a regular basis. Meditation is a great way to tune in with how you feel and as I mentioned above, change is rapid and there for so is our worth within that movement. Try to connect in daily with how you are feeling and where your worth is best used.

Accept You’re Perfect. Perfection is a funny thing. It is quite often a trigger for anxiety, stress and tension but what we often fail to realize is that there is no perfect, no one way of doing things or of being, there is only being you and you are perfect at that.

Perfection’s definition is;

a perfect embodiment or example of something.
When you figure out you, what makes you happy and what makes the people around you happy that is your perfect. Don’t spend your time following someone else’s idea of perfect; use your time doing the thing you can do best, which is being perfectly you.

The happiest of New Years to all of you.



Practice being YOU

Practice being YOU

We all know the saying “Practice makes perfect”.  This saying has been ingrained in us from a young age and was used anywhere from making us better at hitting a baseball to making us more intelligent students in the classroom.

But what would happen if we applied this practice to our overall selves? What if we practiced being us, focusing and listening to what makes us happy and practicing doing more of that?

We all know when we are happy, it’s an overwhelming feeling that is undeniable. Becoming more aware of your state of mind during good and bad times can really help you understand your needs and help you know how to navigate them better.

Having a fulfilling life isn’t about traveling, eating healthy, exercising or making a lot of money. Fulfillment comes from the inside, it’s a state of being. Practice being, find what makes you have to smile and go towards that.

You are filled with possibilities, all you have to do is open your eyes to them. 🙂

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December’s #30DayFearlessHeartChallenge


Hi Friends,

I am super excited to announce that tomorrow kicks off the #30DayFearlessHeartChallenge that I am co-hosting along with some other amazing women: @amandagyuran @breakfastcriminals @glowmaven  @kaleandchocolate @katiedalebout @sashayogawellness @thedivinefriend @wildgoods.

This challenges is all about finding acceptance, kindness and compassion for yourself and for the people that surround you.

Everyday has a special topic that will focus on ways to help you nourish your body and mind with things that make you FEEL good and allow you to live a more expansive, understanding and aware life.

Throughout these 30 days my fellow co-host and I will share inspiration and ideas to help all of us tap into what makes us feel truly happy and balanced in all aspects of our lives.

Want to join us?

All you have to do is look for all of us on Instagram and get ready, tomorrow kicks off day 1!!


Finding Growth in Change


These last few months have been transitional to say the least.

What once was is now different as it usually is, being that change is a very constant phenomenon.

With change comes questions.

Questions of “What if”, questions of “What now?” and questions of “Why?”.

None of these questions can be answered with any kind of accuracy. The truth is that we can’t change the past, predict the future or ever know why things are happening in the present moment.

Things just are as they are.

The only control we have is how we personally choose to react. We control how much energy we put into things and how much we allow things to affect us.

I believe the most positive way to approach any new situation is to turn change into an opportunity to grow.

Growth is the magic of life.

We have this ability to grow as individuals in ways that are so beautiful and vast that sometimes it scares us into thinking that we can’t grow.

Growth is scary. It takes courage, humbleness and above all the willingness to be vunerable.

I can only hope to grow forever.

To be able catch or reflect what is thrown at me and to try to always find reasoning in hard situations.


What I Want To Be When I Grow Up


So obviously as most of you know, I am 30 years old and am a far cry from the youngsters question of “What I want to be when I grow up”. But, recently I have been finding myself contemplating this question over and over again in my head.

You see, we might wonder what we want to be when we grow up when we are young but the truth is that that question as to who or what we want to be in our future comes up a lot throughout our lives.

Every decision we make has a direct effect on what happens in our future.

Where we choose to live, what we choose to do, who we choose to do it with, all lay out our future blueprint.

So as I’ve walked Manhattan’s fall streets these last few weeks I have thought about all of these things long and hard.

I’ve found that what I want to be is someone who doesn’t live fearing that something will be over before it began.

I want to be present.

I want to make decisions based on happiness and on how much time I’ll get to spend with my parents, my brothers and sisters, my amazing friends, my lovely husband and my future kids.

I want to be someone who is working towards life, not status; towards happiness, not goals.

I want to be wise now, not later.

Older people always say “you’ll understand when you get older” and as much as I hate to admit it, it’s the truest statement there is, because while we’re all trying to get ahead they’re already there. They can see that ahead is a lot like 20 years ago but now they are enjoying it more because they can feel it fleeting more than when they were young.

I want to feel “fleeting” in the most amazing way. I want it to wrap around me like a fall scarf and feel it warm me up and remind me everyday that this is all very temporary.

Enjoy it. All of it. It’s here now, happening all around us.

Life is already here, be in it, soak it up and make it blissfully happy.



Permission to Fail


Failure’s persona has been weighing heavy on my mind lately. Not because I feel as though I am failing but more so because I’ve been noticing how others view failure and I’m not seeing it in same light.

Failure is often connected with negativity. It is believed that if you have failed then inevitably you have not succeeded. If you have failed you are, or were, not good enough to do something accurately.

But what if failure was encouraged rather than looked down upon? 

Failure in my mind represents courage and strength. Failure means you have tried, you have been vulnerable and that you hopefully possess the confidence to move forward.

I have failed a lot in my life; at jobs, in school, in relationships and in just everyday life hurdles. But every failure has taught me how to approach the situations differently in the future. Failure has made me more intelligent, it has taught me what works and what doesn’t. Failure has and continues to be my greatest teacher.

I believe that as a society and as people capable of failure in all areas of our lives, that we need to start commending failure.

We need to remember that to fail is to figure out what doesn’t work at first and then use that new knowledge to try again. Failure needs to be seen as just another step towards a goal, not as an end. It needs to turn into something that is commended rather then discouraged.

We can do this by treating failure with an open mind and disconnecting it from the negative connotations that it currently carries. Allow yourself to fail with ease, allow the people around you to feel good about failure. Teach your children the importance of failing comfortably and the importance of moving forward.

I recently described myself to someone as being really good at failing.

The person then laughed and said “You’re not a failure!”

Which I in turn said “Yes I am and I am extremely proud of it.” 🙂

Give yourself permission to fail.