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Generation Happy

I have one simple hope for my generation; That they choose happiness over success.

I’ve watched many people in my generation get wrapped up in the idea that making money is the most important aspect of life. That our lives are somehow measured by a success scale rather than a happiness scale and that the more money we make, the happier we will become.

But no matter how you slice it, money doesn’t buy happiness and the more we start to accept this, the better off we all will be.

Our desire to be successful has clouded our ability to realize what really matters in life; actually living it. Instead of focusing on being happy, we focus on making more money at work, getting a promotion, buying a bigger house or a faster car, never realizing that all of those things have no actual influence on our happiness.

Luckily change is all around us and there is always room to improve yourself and get happier. 🙂

Try out these four easy steps and get happy fast!

1. Shift your ideals from success to happiness. Start putting as much effort into being happy as you did into being successful. Make choices based on whether they would make you less happy or more happy. This will help you stop basing your time around income and start basing it on living happy.

2. Start living with less. Step away from the idea that more is somehow better. Start living more simply, purchase things that you need, not that you want. This will not only immediately make you happier but will also help you recognize that you can be happier with a lot less.

3. Make happiness a deal breaker. If anything in your life isn’t making you happy, stop doing it. If you’re unhappy at work, switch jobs. If a relationship is bringing you down, change it. If something you do is holding you back from spending time with the people you love, stop doing it. Life is here to be lived, and if your living you should be living happy.
4. Make space for happiness. Start taking the pressure of success off of yourself. Instead, create space for the things that truly matter like playing with your children or spending time with your friends. Fill your life with less effort and more awareness, less struggle and more enjoyment, less stress and more happiness.

So this is my dream for our generation’s future; that we choose dinner with our families over late nights at work, happiness over success, and compassion over self interest.

That we live a very happy life.



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