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Respect Yourself


Respect has been on my mind lately.

Growing up, respect was a big thing around my house. I was brought up to always respect my elders, strangers and peers and I took this very seriously, as all my siblings did.

However lately, the respect I show myself has been an interesting thing to look at. If you know me then you know I’m a bit of a people pleaser. I would easily run myself into the ground if it meant helping someone else. I like to make people happy and helping them to get there brings me great joy.

But what I do for myself, or the way I treat myself or what I expect from myself seems to be a different story. I came to this realization after not being able to sleep the other night. My mind was going a mile a minute with an issue that has come up in my life and I had completely let my thoughts take over. I literally couldn’t sleep, even after realizing that my thought process wasn’t healthy or even accurate for that matter.

The mind, as we know,  has a way of playing tricks on us and in this situation it had done just that. Through my thoughts I had convinced myself that I must be wrong or have done something wrong and that I had to fix this pressing problem. My mind brought me to believe as it had so many times before that I must make sure that others know how much I respect THEM, forgetting that I too must respect myself.

As I laid wide eyed in bed I thought, where is my respect for myself? I had been awake for 2 hours, worrying about doing right by others and I had completely forgot that I was a part of this. My happiest meant something too.

And that’s when it hit me. Respect must be even. I can’t or should I say we can’t keep giving respect if we are also not giving ourselves respect as well. I’m not talking about others giving us respect, we have no control over that, nor should we waste our time trying to demand such things. What I’m talking about is making sure to give ourselves the same respect that we give others. To remember that the way we treat ourselves matters just as much as the way we treat our elders, strangers and peers.

Giving back to you a bit, taking some pressure off of yourself and believing that you are doing your best and deserve to be happy can be that relief you seek. So grab a hold of some respect for yourself and keep it with you. You matter and you are worth it. 🙂



Finding Growth in Change


These last few months have been transitional to say the least.

What once was is now different as it usually is, being that change is a very constant phenomenon.

With change comes questions.

Questions of “What if”, questions of “What now?” and questions of “Why?”.

None of these questions can be answered with any kind of accuracy. The truth is that we can’t change the past, predict the future or ever know why things are happening in the present moment.

Things just are as they are.

The only control we have is how we personally choose to react. We control how much energy we put into things and how much we allow things to affect us.

I believe the most positive way to approach any new situation is to turn change into an opportunity to grow.

Growth is the magic of life.

We have this ability to grow as individuals in ways that are so beautiful and vast that sometimes it scares us into thinking that we can’t grow.

Growth is scary. It takes courage, humbleness and above all the willingness to be vunerable.

I can only hope to grow forever.

To be able catch or reflect what is thrown at me and to try to always find reasoning in hard situations.